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Finding The Best Collaborative And Mediation Lawyer

Divorce can be a very emotional process. The effects are not just to the couple but also to their children if they have any and their extended family. The court trials may be long and will also be costly to the couple as a means to resolve the issue. That is why taking the option of a collaborative and mediation lawyer is a better option. Collaborative and mediation law is an alternative to resolving family disputes where the parties talk and discuss in person and work together to get a solution. How then does one find a collaborative and mediation lawyer? Below are some tips.

Collaborative And Mediation Lawyer

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It is important to understand what the role of a collaborative and mediation lawyer will be. First, there are two aspects of collaborative law: negotiation and meditation. In negotiation, the two parties or their advocates, discuss the issue and endeavor to come up with a solution that both sides will be in agreement for. In mediation, a neutral third party will sit with the two sides, identify the issues and help come up with a solution to the dispute. The mediator works for both parties and wants to help them come up with and agreement that is satisfactory for all involved. The issue that may be discussed may include possession of the family home, who will live with the children, access to the children, payments of debts and support payment. Many issues may need to be resolved and such a professional who offers family mediation services will help to come up with an amicable separation solution.


A reliable way to get valuable information in finding a collaborative and mediation lawyer is by talking to family and friends and asking whether they can recommend one. It could be some underwent a similar situation or know someone who did and can provide referrals.


advocate signageLooking at the experience of the particular lawyer is vital. Find out how many cases they have handled and what the outcome has been. Most of their client information may be private, but they can give percentages of success rate. It is important for the lawyer to have a strong track record in collaboration and mediation. One should also look for a lawyer firm who mainly specialize in family law. This will be proof that they are experts and they can provide the relevant service for that is their primary focus.

Finally, it is important to find out what the rates will be for the service that is being offered.…

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